Spray Tan F.A.Q’s

How should I prepare for my tan?

Exfoliate and moisturise your whole body at least 24 hours before your tanning session. You will also need to do any hair removal more than 24 hours before, this includes waxing and shaving.

Have a shower before your tan to remove any oils/lotions. Do not apply any make-up, perfume, creams or deodorant as these can cause a barrier and may result in the tan streaking.

Avoid using a ‘moisturising’ shower gel just before your tan as this can also cause a barrier. The best shower gels to use before and after would be a low cost supermarkets own brand as these do not usually contain moisturiser.

Should I shave or wax before or after the tan application?

Yes you should wax or shave at least 24 hours before your appointment, no less.

What should I wear whilst tanning?

You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, obviously the less you wear the more tan coverage you will have! It is advisable that you wear dark colours as the tanning solution is likely to stain light colours.

Why don't you provide disposable underwear, hair nets or sticky feet?

I aim to give you the best spray tan results possible. I do not use disposable underwear because they do not protect your dignity, the force of the air coming out the spray gun will blow the paper knickers aside to the point where you may aswell not be wearing them, I also found that they do not give nice neat tan lines. I do not supply hair nets because they can cause a tan line on the top of your forehead which is most definitely not a good look! Finally I do not supply sticky feet as some people find them uncomfortable and leave a sticky residue on their feet.

How long will it take to apply?

It will take approximately 10 minutes to apply the tan to your body.

Will it make a mess in my house?

No. I bring a pop up cubicle with me which is specifically designed for spray tanning, any overspray from the spray gun will fall inside the cubicle.

Can I put my clothes on straight after?

Yes, you may feel a little sticky for an hour or so but your body will not be wet after spraying. You should put on dark, loose fitting clothing until it is time to wash off. It is also a good idea to wear open shoes e.g. flipflops if you need to wear shoes.

Will the tan stain my clothes?

Whilst the tan is developing you should avoid wearing light coloured clothes. Also silk, wool and leather garments should be avoided as the tan will not wash out of these materials.

When can I shower?

You should shower between 6-8 hours after the treatment unless advised otherwise. Once showered, pat dry with a towel and do not rub. You should avoid water on the skin whilst the tan is developing, especially rain.

I will apply a guide colour to your body which ensures a perfect application. This guide colour is very natural looking which allows you to go about your day without looking like you’ve been in a mud bath! This then washes off after development to leave you beautifully tanned.

How brown will I get?

Everybody’s skin develops its own individual colour. Some people go very brown, others get just a glow. For those people, after a few sessions, the skin tends to get used to solution, and starts to develop more colour. I will discuss with you at your appointment what kind of results you are hoping for and pick a solution I think will be best. Please appreciate that after your first tan you may decide to go lighter/darker next time, therefore if having a tan for special occasion it is sometimes a good idea to have a tan trial.

How long does the tan last?

On average 5-7 days. However, this depends on a number of factors; how well you prepare your skin beforehand, your bathing routine afterwards, your skin type (dry/oily) and how well you look after your tan. Some people get around 10 days of colour, but you will find the best colour will be in the first 4-5 days. If you tan regularly, your skin will get used to the spray, and will hold the colour longer. Then you might need a top up every 2 weeks or so. 

How can I help to prolong my tan?

Wash the tan off after the recommended time and moisturise your skin regularly with an oil free moisturiser to maximise the duration of the tan. After bathing, pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing. See ‘Tan Prep & After Care’ page for products that may lighten your tan.

My spray tan looks different to last time?

If you prepared properly both times & followed all aftercare but find that your final results differ from last time (may be slightly lighter or darker) then this is most likely to be down to your skin. Your skin is a living thing, and is affected by many things like: time of the month, season, food you eat, stress, medication you take etc. If your tan is different, even though the solution used was the same, the most probable cause is the condition of your skin, which unfortunately is out of anyones control.

Will swimming affect my tan?

You should avoid swimming as the chlorine is likely to strip the tan colour and cause streaking or an uneven fade off.

Can I have a spray tan whilst pregnant?

The active ingredient in the spray tan is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), it won’t harm your baby when applied to your skin, as it won’t go beyond the top cell layer which means it isn’t absorbed into your system. However, as the tan is sprayed on then you may inhale some of the DHA. It is not known how or if it will affect your baby if you inhale the chemicals. For this reason you will be offered a mask to wear during the majority of your tanning session.

I have very pale skin that burns in the sun, can I still tan with a spray tan?

This is exactly why the spray tanning process was designed in the first place! I have a range of tans suitable for all skin types. If you burn easily in the sun, it is unlikely that you will be able to go dark brown with any tanning solution so it is probably best that you use one of the lighter shades to start with (we will discuss this at your appointment).

How does the tanning solution work?

The primary active ingredient is a sugar derivative called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which when sprayed on the top layers of your skin it reacts with the amino acids thus creating a colour change similar to a UV sun tan. As your skin sheds, the tan fades naturally between 5-7 days after application.

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